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Are you looking to make your gardening experience
 more productive and convenient for you
while adding some geometry and spice to your yard? 

 Raised Garden Beds are versatile, easy to use,
  and have many 
over traditional gardening!

Let us build a custom made Raised Garden Bed for you! We will build it, deliver it to you, and can fill and level it for you so you can be ready to start your gardening experience right away with out any inconveniences!  For more information CONTACT US NOW!

         A garden with a raised bed says something about the
   gardener who uses it:  The person is serious about growing! 
   It also says that the gardener is either experienced or heeding
   good advice.  They are neat and organized and take pride in
          their garden and are serious about their harvest!!! 

Great Estates Yard and Tree offers many other yard and landscaping services. 
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Raised Garden Bed MN, servicing all of Central Minnesota, including: Minneapolis, St.Paul, Edina,
St. Louis Park, Richfield, Coon Rapids, St.Cloud, and more...  Raised Bed vegetable gardening and MN landscaping services.

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