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The Value of Raised Garden Beds

SOIL:  One of the best reasons for using a raised garden bed is that it allows you to garden regardless of the type of soil you have in the rest of your yard.  You can blend a soil ideally suited for what you want to grow and this can easily be varied from bed to bed!

DRAINAGE:  Because the bed is sitting on top of the ground, water will drain through the bed and away from it, so drainage will never be a problem!

MORE, MORE, MORE... :  You can sqeeze more into a raised bed because you do not need to leave room for walking paths.  You never have to step in the bed and this also prevents the soil from compacting, making for a better and more productive harvest!

SOLAR GRAIN:  Being elevated, a raised garden bed will warm up more quickly than a ground garden, this will allow you to get a jump start on the growing season in the spring.  In fact, some beds can double as a cold frame, adding weeks to the growing season.  This means an earlier harvest for you, and it will remain more productive later in the fall!

WEEDS:  Although still susceptible to airborne weed seeds, a raised garden bed, because of its walls and separation from the surrounding soil, serves as a deterrent to some spreading grasses, weeds, and other invasive plants.  Making your caretaking job much easier!

EASY ON THE BACK & ACCESSIBILITY:  They are perfect for people who have a hard time bending over or kneeling on the ground.  Raised garden beds bring your garden closer to you making them easier to tend and enjoy, and not such a pain in the back!

PROTECTION:  If a frost is expected after you plant, you can easily drape a blanket or tarp over the bed to protect your seedlings or plants.  One can also keep out rodents and other pests who like to eat your crops, by placing a fence around the perimeter of your garden bed!

SPACE EFFICIENT:  They are perfect for people with a limited amount of space!  Raised beds can be placed anywhere to meet your needs!

STYLE:  Last, but not least, my personal favorite!  Raised gardening beds are a good way to bring dynamics and order to your garden.  They look neat and tidy and can be placed anywhere, so you can create your own unique look, adding geometry and spice to your yard!

If this list of advantages doesn't give you spring fever, than I don't know what will!



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